• Step.01

    Please Start by Submitting an Inquiry

    Please start by casually submitting an inquiry through this website or over the phone. Please share your thoughts about materials, sizes, types, metal fittings, quantities, and anything else. The more detail you are able to provide regarding the specifications, the smoother the manufacturing process will be.

  • Step.02

    Providing an Estimate for the Production of Samples

    Once the specifications have been decided, we will provide an estimate. We frequently encounter customers who ask, “Give us an estimate first!” However, we can only provide an estimate once the detailed specifications have been decided. We kindly ask for your understanding that production costs will also be incurred for the production of samples, as you may expect.

  • Step.03

    Production of Samples

    We will produce samples according to the specifications. This is when we begin the full-fledged manufacturing of bags through steps like making the cutting dies that are essential for manufacturing bags, procuring the materials, and cutting and sewing the materials. If you are satisfied with the first round of samples, we will finalize the specifications. We can produce as many rounds of samples as needed until you are satisfied. *Production costs will be incurred for each round of samples.

  • Step.04

    Finalize the Specifications and Provide an Estimate for the Official Order

    If you are satisfied with the samples, we will finalize the specifications. The order will become official once you inform us of how many units you would like to be produced, and we will provide a thorough estimate. Although we encounter customers who would like an estimate right away, we kindly ask for your understanding that we will provide an estimate for original manufacturing once all of the specifications have been finalized.

  • Step.05

    Mass Production

    Expert staff members from Toyooka, the city of bags, carry out the same steps from the production of samples, which include making the cutting dies, cutting and sewing the materials, and attaching metal fittings, with the utmost care to produce the number of bags requested.

  • Step.06


    The bags that you envisioned have been completed! These are bags that do not exist anywhere else in the world, as their materials, shape, design, functionality, durability, and other aspects have been selected or created by skilled artisans.