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The Final Form Resulting From 40 Years of Artisanship

The first step in making a bag is to make the sewing pattern. It is rare to encounter an artisan who is able to give shape to their emotions, while also having experience and skills. The aerodinamico series was made from scratch by such artisans. This name was chosen out of our wish to carry on the beauty of streamlined shapes created through sewing. In addition to the fact that leather is used for the material, we hope that you appreciate the techniques used to make these bags, which represent the culmination of 40 years of artisanship.

Manufacturing With Attention to Detail

“Techniques of Artisans” in Toyooka, the Historic City of Bags

We take pride in the fact that these products can only be produced by our company, given that we have focused on business bags since our founding. Despite having cool designs, our products have the durability and functionality that are required of business bags. These products have been made possible precisely because we have accumulated the techniques of artisans over many years.

“Materials” That Give Shape to the Ideal Form

Having experimented with various materials in a process of trial and error, we have identified materials with excellent designability, durability, and functionality. As we offer series that range from novel and cool to chic and subdued, please choose based on your sense of style and the level of formality.

“Sewing” Skills That Have Been Perfected Over Many Years

Sewing is an important task in the process of manufacturing good bags. Production of our products is mainly carried out by artisans who have sewn bags for dozens of years in Toyooka, which is known as the city of bags. The elaborate workmanship may not be noticed at a glance. Each and every step of this process has a significant impact on the durability and appearance of the bags.

“Metal Fittings” That Must Offer Functionality and Durability

The metal fittings on a bag are so important that they can determine whether the bag is good or bad. At our company, we select metal fittings very carefully, as we consider elements like designability, durability, and functionality. We cannot do this any other way, as our goal is to allow you to use high-quality bags for a very long time.

Color & Style Variation